Valentine’s Day jewellery gifts online!

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on the 14th of february every year, this day of love has become a rage among the youth. The trend of celebrating this day is not that old in India, however, if we talk of the western … Continue reading

Adorn marvelous pearl jewellery to glam up your personality!

Pearl is one of the hottest trends of this new year. India’s most trusted online jewellery shopping website offers you a huge collection of pearl silver jewellery that help you to glam-up your personality and add the oomph factor … Continue reading

Make your look luxurious with elegant diamond earrings!


Trendy fashion earrings are the basic need to match any of your outfit. They make you look all the more luxurious and you garner eyeballs once you pair up an elegant earring with your classic apparel. So when talking about the earrings, you would all agree that sparkling diamond earrings make for unique and timeless style. In fact, everyone would love to get hold of diamonds and shine their way out. Not only they make one look elegant, but they also prove that you’re really up-to-date when it comes to fashion. What’s further intriguing is the fact that they are always in rage, as lady can never be bored with diamonds, going that they are considered her best friend.

Diamonds specify your class and if ever a girl is bit saddened; these gems can always cheer her up, after all that they can be such a stress-buster. In Greek, Diamond stands for unbreakable, and it has the gift of shining under flash bulbs, so because of that you become the most favorite of phototogs at every event you go to. The sparklers have it in them to allure anyone with their appearance and what further fascinates a lady is that they are always in trend, as they have been since ages, but one can never be bored of these alluring pieces. There are lot many designs to choose from, and you can do it easily at the online jewellery shopping stores which offer enormous designs at reasonable prices. Visit to find luxurious diamond earrings.

Adorn your look with enamel jewellery!


Sure, colors have taken an important place in fashion and jewellery industry. Today, fashionistas don’t end up at colorful clothes, shoes, hairstyle, handbags, sunglasses but you can see a steady growth in colorful accessories in their jewellery wardrobe. It is an old norm that gold and silver jewellery is the only way to accentuate your personality. Now you can see a vast increment in enameled accessories, which is an easy way to inject needed colors in life. Talking about what really enamel means, it is one of the most versatile sources of pure, luscious color. While making a jewellery like ring, earring, necklace, pendants, bracelets etc, powdered glass and strong colors are used with great precision onto a variety of jewelry metals, including silver, gold, and copper. There are a variety of techniques for enameling jewellery. If you are looking for a dainty, plain band, chunky or a exquisite uniquely shaped ring, most trusted online jewellery store really help you meet what you desire . The jewellery portal features a great way to discover what you actually looking for. Hence, enamel rings are actually a step away from you. Here at the site you can get ample of designs available in all sizes. Yeah, Johareez understands how it feels when you like a ring and won’t get it in your finger size. Check our site and see the difference your own. There are unique designer rings studded with precious and semi-precious stones, like diamond, amethyst, sapphire, topaz and more. Choose from different size and shapes, like animal shape and stone embedded to Lord Ganesha shape ring among more on Johareez.

Floral jewellery is in trends!


Flower shape trend is so popular nowdays because its fashionable in design and elegant in concept. Jaipur based jewellery store bring the amazing collection of floral jewellery, so visit the online store and grab this stunning jewellery.

Cubic zirconia silver jewellery!


Incredible stone cubic zirconia which is known as a lookalike of diamond and is highly appreciated gemstone not only by artists but also by the wealthy celebrities. With the marvelous advances in technology, cubic zirconia diamonds and gems are a beautiful reality for celebrities and mainstream women alike. They have become a fantastic option for any woman who is looking for a deal and fashion statement in one, thanks to cubic zirconia’s attractive features like affordability, durability, high quality settings, fluorescent, hardness as most gems, flawless clarity, 65 percent denser than diamond and many others to mention. Visit online jewellery store to get huge collection of Cubic Zirconia jewellery in affordable price.

Navratri Special Jewellery Shopping Online!


Navratri is a nine day festival celebrated by hindus with all the nine days representing the nine manifestations of the powerful and benevolent Goddess Durga. It is believed that things we buy on the day will remain shimmering and eternal. So the idea of buying jewellery will be a good one for all. Every year, during this auspicious occasion, there is a frenetic rush seen on jewellery shops, but we understand that practically it is not possible for everybody to spend long hours in the shops, especially when you are stuck between job and home assignments, altogether. Don’t worry folks online jewellery shopping is one great and popular medium to get you everything at your doorsteps. Celebrate the occasion with India’s most trusted online shopping store Johareez’s stylish and elegant jewellery.

Adore Your Look With Silver Diamond Jewellery


India’s popular online jewellery shopping store Johareez brings the huge collection of silver diamond jewellery in exclusive designs and unique concept with affordable price, so visit the store and grab this stunning jewellery in best price.