Persian Rugs – Things To Consider Before Buying Rugs Online

Things To Consider Before Buying Persian Rugs Online Persian rugs look absolutely magnificent. With their skillfully handmade knots, beautiful color combinations and unique patterns and designs. Each piece can rightfully be considered as a work of art. The only downside … Continue reading

Kilim Rugs The Classic Decorative Rugs For Floor Covering

Kilim Rugs – The Classic Decorative Rugs For Home Decor Kilim rugs are a type of Oriental rug with a difference. Whereas most oriental rugs have a pile, whether it is short or long, Kilim rugs flat woven without any … Continue reading

Persian Rugs For Home Interior

Persian Rugs – The Best Decorative Rugs For Your Home If you are planning on decorating your home with hand-knotted Persian rugs you must take time to understand the difference between the hand-knotted Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. ABC rug … Continue reading

Kilim Rugs Weaving Techniques

Know All About Kilim Rugs Weaving Techniques We love to design our home interior perfectly. One look at a Kilim and you know that you’ve found something truly special. This is no ordinary type of ABC rug. Kilim rugs are … Continue reading

Persian Rugs Beautiful Things

Persian Rugs Important Things To Consider Aside from being a beautiful addition to your home, Persian rugs are steeped in culture and art. Did you know that carpet weaving was one of the most notable crafts in ancient Persia. With … Continue reading

Jaipur Rugs For Sale – Give Your Home A Antique Look

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Moroccan Rug – The Excellent Design And Pattern

Moroccan Rug – The Perfect Choice For Home Decor Morocco country is renowned for its architecture, food and their area rugs. While Moroccan rug well known globally, people are sometimes unclear as to which designs are actually Moroccan. Moroccan rugs … Continue reading

Rugs Online For Better Home Improvement

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Kilim Rugs Embellished With Quality Factors

Kilims Rugs Embellished with Appealing Quality Factors Kilim rugs are flat-woven, traditionally made in Turkey and Persia, with spectacular geometrical designs. Record history of Kilim rug is the date of the 13th century. When the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo … Continue reading

Area Rugs – Tips To Buy Perfect Decorative Rugs

Best Tips To Get A Perfect Area Rugs or Decorative Rugs at Lowest Price Area rugs are the necessary element for home decoration. Flooring is equally important for the ambiance like color and clothing. It only happens when coordinating with … Continue reading